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Decorate your wishes ~ "Decoriamo i vostri desideri"


The first carpenter in the Parlato family is lost in the mists of time. With each generation the bond between them and wood became even stronger. From few years the Parlato family had opened a studio for the production of ceramics. This is directed by the well-know masters of the art from Vietri Sul Mare. In the studio you can admire objects d'art of great artistic value which recall the glorious past. Everything produced here is unique of its kind, synonymous with guaranted value.


Ceramic Positano by Ceramiche Parlato - production Porcelain Craft
Via C. Colombo n° 187 - Positano (SA) Tel./Fax +39 089 875097 e-mail: info@ceramicpositano.com
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Connettiti con noi!
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